Southeast Asia: from Bangkok to Bali and back

Ever get the urge to give up everything and leave?
I did!
I’ve always been fascinated by the world, the entire world; whether it be immerging myself in different cultures, being able to savor local specialties or being able to live life based on a different, new point of view.
In short, on the one hand starting all over again, arriving in a distant land, while on the other, bringing myself to look curiously at what awaits me.

When Irene Grandi sang “…before leaving for a long journey, take with you the desire never to come back!” I knew exactly what she meant.
It’s like seeing the world with the eyes of a child, constantly discovering the things that surround me, without any prejudice.
It means having the courage to give everything up and leaving. It doesn’t matter where.
It means opening my arms to the traveling companions that I meet, because they might teach me life lessons that can be felt by the heart.
It always means being able to gather something from the places that I visit, whether it be an object, an experience or a thought.
It means living in the present, in the… here and now, and being able to savor what happens.
It means realizing how lucky I am, no matter what.
It means being grateful. Grateful for being the person I am, thankful for the “randomness” of life, thankful for the past, present and future experiences. Simply grateful.
It means being able to go back in life and being able to admit that sometimes I can be wrong.
It means having the courage to go back. Return home, and then remind myself that home is simply the place where I am.
It means living… as always, my way, like a black sheep!

So in 2012 I left. Or rather, we left.
I say we, because Daniele and I went to Southeast Asia and we were lucky enough to be able to travel there for almost four months.

Daniele and I organized this trip after a particularly stressful period from a working point of view: after dedicating our entire lives to our work and after both being sick, we realized that perhaps we needed to dedicate time to ourselves and take things a little bit more lightly.
After all, one doesn’t live to work; one works to live!

And so we left and discovered a world that was quite different from ours; a world that gave us magical moments. It was the year I tried scuba diving, the year I fell in love with Thailand and Bali, the year I fell off a little cliff, both laughing and crying at the same time, the year in which I realized just how good mangos and papayas are, the year when I was able to show some of Australia to Daniele and the year in which we also got married.

The trip to Southeast Asia was simply unforgettable; I’ll try to tell you about it a little at a time.



  1. Flight from Milano to Bangkok
  2. Bangkok
  3. Koh Tao, the Turtle Island
  4. Koh Phangan
  5. Khao Sok
  6. Koh Phi Phi
  7. Penang
  8. Isole Perhentian
  9. Kuala Lumpur
  10. Perth
  11. Bali
  12. Gili Trawangan
  13. Nusa Lembongan
  14. Bali
  15. Phuket
  16. Koh Lanta
  17. Railay Beach
  18. Chiang Mai
  19. Flight from Bangkok to Milano

YEAR: 2012

Flavia Piantino Gazzano

Digital enthusiast and growth hacker, with a strong passion for new technologies, social media and PR. She uses strategic communication as a strong asset in her life and has a creative approach to problem solving.

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