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Creating innovation, in Italy

According to the Vice-President of the Washington DC think tank, led by Barack Obama’s former advisor, Robert Atkinson – “Innovation is nothing more than creating new value for the world. With all its positive consequences, starting with the improvement of people’s living conditions.”


What does it mean to innovate today?

At times it simply means changing a point of view. Realizing that there are tools and methodologies that we ignore, yet which we can make our own.
What does it mean to innovate for a company?
Sometimes it just means changing a point of view, while other times it represents a revolution, a transformation of processes and people.

What does it mean to innovate in a B2B company?

It means changing a point of view. But also transforming processes. And changing the way people think, by starting at the top. And then implementing new methodologies. And then going against the resistance to change, which forms part of each of us.
In short, it means starting from the tip of the iceberg and renewing the entire structure, at the molecular level.
Easy, right?

In practice?

It means having the right people, choosing the right tools and deciding where to start. Of course they have to be right for you and your company.
It means having the courage to change old habits, to question oneself and your own comfort zone with regards to… the unknown. The unknown. Yes, the unknown. Because you cannot know beforehand what’s going to happen; those who want to accompany you on this journey and those who decide to leave. Because one of the things to take into consideration is that someone will not want to follow you in this change. And that’s ok.

Well, this is what’s happening now in the company I work with.

When dealing with enlightened people, what may happen is that they come to you and say: “We’d like to create a 2.0 version of our company, not because the version 1.0 isn’t working, but because we know that we can do even better. What can we do?”
And when these enlightened people ask you to be part of a process of change and innovation… I feel honored. Honored to be part of a company that puts itself on the line and questions itself. Honored to be able to work with people who want to grow. Honored to take part in a transformation which is as important as it is interesting. Interesting because it is giving me the opportunity to study, to learn new things and to grow both professionally and at a personal level.

Where did we begin?

Obviously studying success stories. We looked at the “big” guns, important companies that have been successful, and we studied what they did, the methodologies they implemented and the data they collected.
Thus we decided to revolutionize a bit of everything: starting from transparency in the company and the corporate culture, while looking at the definition of both business and individual objectives more effectively, eventually implementing new company tools and processes.
And we’re just at the beginning.
We plan to adopt a new method for hiring in the company, a new way of training, the search for new methodologies to experiment and propose and the desire to become a point of reference for Italian companies who want to implement Innovation.

As this plan develops I’ll tell you about our successes and challenges directly on LumiIT’s blog. LumIT is the company I collaborate with.
For the moment I’d just like to say thank you. Thank you to those who gave me this wonderful opportunity to meet the challenges and learn. And to be able to do it, as always, my own way.
And I’d like to thank you, being here with me, for reading about my little revolutions.

And do you create innovation? If so, how?
Do you have any advice for those who want to bring innovation into a working reality? Leave them below in the comments section or on social networks using the hashtag #BlackSheepInMilan 🙂

Flavia Piantino Gazzano

Digital enthusiast and growth hacker, with a strong passion for new technologies, social media and PR. She uses strategic communication as a strong asset in her life and has a creative approach to problem solving.

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