Bobby Compact, the anti-theft backpack

Bobby Compact is the second backpack created by XD Design, once again through a crowdfunding campaign (this time on Indiegogo) which ended in 2017.
I don’t know if XD Design was the first to put the so-called “anti-theft backpacks” on the market, yet they are among those who have had more success and have continued to improve their backpacks.


I bought Bobby Compact because, despite living in Milan for almost 10 years now, I often travel by train for short periods.
When it came to choosing the right backpack, Bobby Compact attracted me because of its shape, material and the safety of going around without having to worry about pickpockets or thieves.
Now that I’m using it, I can say that

  • it’s a comfortable and solid backpack, equipped with reinforcements on the side, rear and in the lower part;
  • I feel completely safe going around with it because its hinges are totally hidden and unreachable by unwanted hands (for added security, you can put a padlock in the special hole embedded in the zip);
  • it has great balance and the space is well distributed: it’s capable of maintaining a vertical position when placed on a flat surface and the backpack’s load distribution makes the center of gravity well balanced and helps me keep my back straight;
  • the backpack’s handle is particularly comfortable;
  • the straps that adjust the backpack’s height are practical and take up little space;
  • the built-in USB cable can be connected directly to a portable external battery allowing you to charge your mobile phone in case of need;
  • it’s made of both breathable and anti-perspiration material and its coating is water repellent and the reflective inserts are convenient in the evening in the dark.

Its elegant shape, few frills and rather formal look make it suitable for both men and women. The colors chosen for the Compact version attract the younger crowd as well. This is without a doubt a versatile backpack that easily adapts to various uses: whether it be going to university or everyday life in the office, traveling by train or as baggage on the airplane.

I use Bobby Compact for 24-36 hour journeys, despite being a woman, I manage to put everything that I need in it (my computer, my inseparable Kindle, my change of clothes for the day and various accessories…).

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    • 2 thin compartments for public transport passes: easily accessible, placed on the backpack’s fabric strips
    • Rather wide back pocket, but not deep: hidden but accessible, directly in contact with your back
    • 2 side pockets, well hidden and completely inaccessible by third parties: ideal for a wallet, passport, mobile phone, etc.
    • USB output on the right side
    • Black band on the back to hook the backpack to a trolley handle
    • Pocket at the bottom of the backpack with rain cover
    • Padded computer compartment: maximum laptop size 14”
    • Tablet compartment: maximum tablet size 9”
    • In the lower part, a soft elastic band that can hold medium-sized objects such as a camera, water bottle, umbrella, etc.
    • In the top part, a pocket, a zippered case and 4 places to insert pens and pencils: convenient for cables and other small objects
    • The left side has a pocket for a portable external battery

    Bobby Compact has two velcro side closures and metal buttons that enable 3 types of openings, allowing you to fully fill the backpack:

    • 30° for easy access while travelling
    • 90° perfect for placing on a table
    • 180° to better organize the contents of your backpack


    WEIGHT: 820 grams
    SIZE: 16x29x40 cm
    CAPACITY: 11 Litres
    STYLE: casual

    SECURITY: anti-theft, anti-cut material, reflective inserts, hidden zippers and pockets
    MATERIAL: resistant YKK zippers, high quality finishes, water repellent fabric
    SPACE: quick and easy access to pockets and zippers, trolley strap
    BALANCING EFFECT: well-balanced
    EXTRAS: matching color shopping bag, integrated USB output, integrated anti-rain cover
    AVAILABLE COLORS: light blue, blue, yellow, pink, green



    Design and material0%
    Space management0%
    Value for money0%

    What do you think about Bobby Compact? What kind of backpack or bag do you use when getting around?
    Share your thoughts, suggestions or questions in the comments 😉




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