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One life isn’t enough for me

January has gone by and I must confess that 2019 began in great style. Indeed, because there’s no better way to start the new year than being a little sick, in a crisis, realizing that it’s an excellent time to suffer a crisis, to feel bad again, to fall, to rise up and remember to collect something to carry around.
Now, after the storm has passed and I see the sky on the horizon, I can say that January was the month of awareness. And that’s why I thank it.

Awareness of the fact that regardless of how old I am, I still remain a curious person.
And like all curious people, I like far too many things.
Too many things and little time make a horrible couple. Indeed, because days are made up of just 24 hours and there’s only one of me.
How does one clone oneself? Or rather, may I have Harry Potter’s Time-Turner??? Thank you!

Awareness that my camera is part of my way of being, and actually very much so.
In 2018 I discovered a passion for photography.
As if I didn’t have enough things to do, I enrolled in a course to understand photography better.
And I enjoyed it so much that I enrolled in the second level.
And I can’t wait to find some time to walk around Milan to take pictures (and if anyone wants to come along with me, they’re more than welcome ;-)).

Awareness that the 40 has actually arrived, even if I don’t feel 40 at all.
In the final monologue in The Big Kahuna an off-screen voice says: “The most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t.”
2018 was the fateful year for my 40th birthday (I still don’t believe it, so it means it’s not true… Right?!?).
And I must confess that the above description fits me perfectly.
I’d like to have many lives, so that I can learn all the things that intrigue me today and all the things I don’t know yet that I would like to do.
How do you go about it? One life isn’t enough for me.

Awareness that perhaps I’m a “highly sensitive” person and if you want to understand what this means then you’d best ask my friend Emilia Cerri.
In a nutshell, I can only tell you that even if I try to hide it, deep down I have a sensation for the things that surround me that sometimes have made me feel like a “dissenting voice”, or rather a black sheep.

Awareness of my personal projects.
In April 2018 I decided to open this blog.
I did it for fun, because I like to write, and without a precise objective. Basically, I did it both for myself, to see if I would be able to continue to carry it forward, and for those who read me and to whom I hope to tell interesting things.
To continue writing every month has been, and is, a commitment due to work, home, family, friends, gym, travel… even today I wonder how I’ve managed, yet finding the time to devote to writing reminded me how beautiful it is, how much I missed it and how much of a part of me it is.
I don’t always manage to keep up with everything as I’d like to; I think I still have to work on being consistent.
In addition to blogs I decided to create an improved Instagram profile , with a limited editorial calendar, and here too, without a definite goal. It was a start.

And finally awareness that perhaps the time has come to stop, reflect a moment and decide where I want to go with this blog.
After all, a ship without a destination is a drifting ship.
Do I decide to close it and end it or take it to the next level, committing myself more seriously to make it better known and writing even more useful content?
Choices, choices… As always, my choices are a game of chance. Just like everyone else’s.

Something is already on the move, want to find out what’s on the way?
Stay tuned 🙂

Flavia Piantino Gazzano

Digital enthusiast and growth hacker, with a strong passion for new technologies, social media and PR. She uses strategic communication as a strong asset in her life and has a creative approach to problem solving.

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